Welcome to Jade Architecture!

Hi, my name is Lori Johnson and I’m the person behind Jade Architecture, LLC. I’m a licensed architect, and have worked on a variety of project types, from small tract homes to high-end custom homes, to restaurants, office build-outs, and large industrial facilities.

JA began when I was asked to help a local non-profit convert an old convenience store into a community center. I’m really excited for this new adventure and looking forward to helping people with their building projects. 



Enough about me. Let's talk!

Residential Architecture

A well designed home is not just the features and pretty stuff. As a mom of three, I understand the importance of a home that functions FOR you and your family, instead of against you. Simple things like a clear pathway and adequate storage at the family entrance (honestly, how many times can you trip on all those shoes before you lose it??), an efficient kitchen layout, and room locations as well as orientation can make a big difference in your daily life. With a well designed home, you can have both function and beauty.

When building a new home, it’s easy to spend countless hours searching online for the perfect plan. While one plan has the right square footage, a different plan has your dream kitchen, and a third plan has the exterior style you’re looking for. If you try to combine them, you’re likely to end up with Frankenstein’s monster. Why not start from scratch with a home that is custom designed for you and your family?